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Joint replacement surgery is a treatment provided to cure joint problems. Having said that, there are a lot of reasons that cause a problem in the joints. These can be injured due to overexertion, accidents or old age. In some cases, people might find them difficult to move because of inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle.
Essentially, Nav Imperial hospital has helped numerous patients to manage their bone, joint and musculoskeletal disorders. Our scientifically backed procedures and effective medicines have cured several joint defects and kept them at bay.

• Offers the best treatment
Nav imperial hospital services in Jaipur are availed by all and sundry. The department of joint replacement in this hospital is par-excellence.
Essentially, our department encompasses a team of nurses, occupational and physical therapists and athletic trainers.
The best medical treatment is provided for healing the injuries and focusing on the overall health. Moreover, the doctors have a profound experience and have passed their medical courses with flying colours.
Nothing can escape the doctor’s eye. They possess the know-how and their way of dealing with patients speaks volumes about their work ethic.
When a person experiences discomfort and is unable to move, he/she must visit surgeons who would offer advice and might treat several body parts to provide respite from the excruciating pain.
Besides this, if the person is experiencing difficulty in doing the daily chores and has been feeling out of sorts, the deformities in the limbs and spine can also be treated.

• Makes use of the best devices
Our Joint replacement surgeon makes use of the best medical devices in Jaipur. These tools and equipment have been made by incorporating cutting-edge technology.
Apart from this, computer-assisted navigation surgery ensures that the fractures have been healed and the body is ready to move to a person’s heart’s content.

• Fully-equipped ICUs with all medical accessories
The ICUs are fully equipped and all the medical accessories are available. The surgeries take place in an air-conditioned environment.

What is joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is an orthopaedic operation in which the damaged bone or cartilage is replaced with prosthetics, metal, plastic or ceramic.
More importantly, the movements of the body are similar to the ones that take place in the case of natural joints. The range of motion is determined by the prosthetics in the same way as these occur in a normal person.
The surgeons have an outstanding track record of replacing the joints of people and making them live a worthwhile life.

How are these surgeries conducted?

• Make use of incisions and invasive techniques
More importantly, the surgeries are done using incisions and fixing the cause of the problem. The invasive methods help to replace the defunct joint with prosthetics or metal. While operating the joints that are located in different parts of the body, they can remove the damaged tissues, resurface the existing areas and implant the artificial parts into the areas.

• Leave out some bones to not cause uneasiness
During shoulder replacement surgery, some muscles and bones are not operated upon. These are fixed to offer a pain-less movement.

What are the precautions that are taken?

• Advise physical therapy and immobilization
The doctors also advise physical therapy and immobilization techniques for the patients. Also, the surgeons recommend that the patients should not put weight on the injured leg and use crutches.
• Medication
Some patients require some medication and the healing begins rapidly. These medicines do not have setbacks.

The reasons to choose Nav Imperial for getting the surgery done

Impeccable services
Interestingly, a variety of people trust the services provided by Nav Imperial. It is a reputed Joint replacement hospital in Jaipur and caters to people of all ages and from all walks of life.
The joint replacement treatment options are vast. Every doctor does his/her level best to ensure that the people are devoid of their pain and can lead a normal life.
Also, we have state-of-the-art medical services and offer transparency while conducting operations.

An adept team of doctors, surgeons and therapists
Moreover, the hospital has a team of professional doctors like Dr Sachin Gupta the director of Nav Imperial Hospital and a renowned joint replacement surgeon in Jaipur who know their job like the back of their hands. They have to keep a pulse on the finger of the latest trends in the field of science and medicine. Also, these doctors and surgeons work round the clock to provide worthwhile services to the patients. They work their fingers to the bone and are the cream of the crop.
While entering the premises of the hospital, the people go bonkers as there are numerous boards and rooms. Joint replacement surgeons are revered by all and sundry because they treat their patients impeccably well.
All the formalities are carried out by the staff. The doctors operate on the people and replace their joints with some other materials. The procedure is painless and the person is given appropriate anaesthesia.
Moreover, the surgeons do not reveal any confidential information about anyone.

Areas of specialization

Total Knee replacement surgery
The surgical procedure operates on the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to give respite from pain and discomfort.

Shoulder instability
The doctors operate on the shoulders and resolve the issues in the joints.
• Revision of knee replacement
Also, the treatment does not last for much time. The mobility of a person decreases and he/she experiences excruciating pain. The swelling in the knee makes things go haywire.

Revision hip replacement
When an artificial hip joint has been damaged over time due to infection and wear and tear, this surgery is required. It corrects the position of the prosthetic so that the person can move to his/her heart’s content.

ACL and PCL reconstruction
It occurs after a multi-ligamentous knee injury usually caused by a knee dislocation. The operation might result in a loss of movement and could cause swelling.

The surgery treats the meniscus cartilage in the knee. This might be caused because of a sports injury. Having said that, the meniscus cartilage is a C-shaped part that acts as a shock-absorber between the shinbone and the thighbone.

Meniscal repair
The surgeon might sew torn pieces of the cartilage in the knee so that these can heal on their own.

Rotator cuff tears
The surgery is for people who do a lot of shoulder movements. The treatment involves corticosteroid injections and physiotherapy. The shoulder cuff tears are caused by the constant wear and tear of the tendons.

Shoulder instability
This condition allows the ball of the shoulder joint to move completely out of the socket. Also, the lining of the shoulder joints gets stretched and torn.

Complex fractures of limbs
These involve multiple breaks in a bone and damaged soft tissues. Sometimes, protruding bones depict complex fractures. In a fracture fixation surgery, the affected limb is stabilized and the condition is improved.

Pelvic and spine trauma
Excruciating pain in the hip or lower back signals pelvic trauma. The condition is exacerbated by moving and walking.
In addition to this, spine trauma results from a damaged vertebra. An accident might cause a blow to the spine and damage a set of vertebrae leading to a haphazard movement.

Sports Injury
Overexertion or an injury to the body parts because of athletic events and sports activities might result in an asymmetrical movement.

Knee arthroscopy
In this procedure, the problems in the knee joint are diagnosed and treated.

Elbow joint replacement
While operating on the elbow, the surgeon ensures that the damaged bones are replaced with artificial elbow joints to provide a smooth movement.

Total hip replacement surgery
During this procedure, the damaged hip joint is replaced by an artificial metal or ceramic.

Joint preservation methods
Essentially, the department deals with joint preservation. This method encapsulates the use of injections and by counselling the people the doctors can know their side of the story.
Every patient is different so this method takes into account their medical history, age and level of activity.

Foot Replacement surgery
The ankle joints are replaced with another artificial material such as prosthetics or metal.

Joint arthroplasty
In this treatment, the joints are treated and replaced with prosthetics or metal.

Treatment and Surgeries

We provide medical treatment for a vast range of joint problems.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty, is an operation to treat hip pain. A hip replacement surgery is basically a total hip replacement or semi-hip replacement surgery. In hip replacement surgery, prostheses (implants) are used to replace parts of the hip joint that are damaged. The orthopaedic doctor replaces the old and damaged part of the hip with the new artificial part. The hip replacement surgery is done to get rid of the pain.

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A shoulder replacement surgery, also called shoulder arthroplasty, involves removing portions of the shoulder's damaged joint and replacing them with artificial implants to relieve pain and restore mobility. The shoulder joint might need to be replaced if it is seriously damaged. A shoulder replacement surgery is done to remove a shoulder’s injured joint with an artificial component.

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty. Knee replacement is a surgical procedure to restore the knee joint’s function by resurfacing the bones or replacing that with an artificial part. A knee replacement surgery is done to remove the worn bone ends and any remaining hard cartilage and replace them with metal and plastic components. After the knee replacement surgery, you can move your joint freely due to the plastic acting like hard cartilage. An artificial knee joint is made up of interlocking components that allow you to bend your knee while keeping it stable.

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Ankle Replacement Surgery

Ankle Replacement Surgery

An ankle replacement is done to get rid of the ankle joint pain. In this, the damaged part of the ankle is replaced with human-made parts. Joint replacement surgery for the ankle joint, or total ankle arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure performed on patients with ankle joint pain and inability to move their ankle. Ankle replacement surgery may be recommended if conservative treatments like medication and injections do not relieve ankle joint pain.

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Elbow replacement surgery

Elbow Replacement Surgery

Elbow replacement surgery is done to remove the defective part of the elbow joint and replace it with the new artificial part. Artificial joints are made from two implants that are attached to bones to replace the damaged joint. The surgeon will recommend elbow replacement surgery if non-surgical treatment fails to resolve the elbow pain.

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Wrist Replacement

Wrist Replacement

Wrist replacement can also be said as wrist arthroplasty. In wrist replacement, the damaged or defective part of the wrist can be replaced by the artificial part. Along with reducing or eliminating pain, wrist replacement surgery can improve mobility and allow you to resume the activities you once enjoyed.

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Finger replacement

Finger replacement

Finger replacement is used to cure the pain of the finger. The defective joint is getting replaced by an artificial part. In patients who suffer from arthritis in the fingers, artificial finger joint replacement is recommended. Among other treatment options, finger joint replacement may be considered if other options do not relieve the finger joint pain and disability.

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Meet Our Specialist

Our Doctors

Dr. Sachin Gupta

Dr. Sachin Gupta

MBBS, MS(Ortho), FIAAS (USA), FIAS (Ahmedabad)
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Dr. Mahesh Jangid

Dr. Mahesh Jangid

MBBS, MS General Surgeon, FMAS, DIP-MAS
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Dr. Javed Khan

Dr. Javed Khan

MBBS, PGDA, FIPM (Germany) (Consultant Pain Physician)
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Dr. Ravi Goyal

Dr. Ravi Goyal

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Joint Replacement Surgery

The joint replacement operation can have some side effects. A person might have developed an infection. In some cases, the artificial joint becomes loose and might dislocate.
Apart from this, one might note some differences in the leg length. There could be some allergic reactions to some things. A few complications in the body might arise due to the dose of anaesthesia. On the other hand, some people might face nerve damage and cognitive issues.
The people with these issues can be safely operated on and treated for the problems in their joints. Also, these conditions must be controlled and the patients should be taking the prescribed medication to prevent things from going haywire.
The patient must stay up to three days in the hospital after being operated on. Also, the convalescence time helps a person to recover from the anaesthesia and the surgery. However, some guidelines have to be followed. The patient is allowed to rest for endless hours and heal slowly.
In other cases, rehabilitation is suggested. During the recuperation period, they are provided with special care and the medical staff tends to their wishes. While they are been provided with good nutrition and proper sleep, the nurses ensure that these patients get some massage done on their bodies. More importantly, the message would result in an increased blood flow.
The joint replacement surgery costs about 3.5 lakhs-4.5 lakhs. A person has to keep aside some money for the treatment. It does burn a hole in the pockets of the customers.
Along with this, the cost depends on several factors such as the age of the patient, intensity of the operation and the background.
The new joint might last from fifteen to twenty years. A person can enjoy and have a world of time during this period. Also, he/she has a normal life and does not have to exercise restraint while moving the body.
Summing it up, the Nav Imperial hospital offers worthwhile medical services by world-class surgeons. They are highly qualified and can carry out their operations in an impeccable manner. Joint replacement surgeries are conducted for people of different ages.