What is Joint Replacement Surgery and Where you can get the Best Joint Replacement Surgery In Jaipur

what is Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which part of an athletic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic device.

Joint replacement surgery disengages the defective or injured parts of joints and replaces them with new, artificial parts.

ReHip Replacementmoving your injured joint and replacing it with an artificial part can make you feel healthy, fit and fine.

There are several types of Joint Replacement Surgery

Types of Joint Replacement Surgery are as follows:-

Hip Replacement Surgery:-

Hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty, is an operation to treat hip pain. A hip replacement surgery is basically a total hip replacement or semi-hip replacement surgery.  In hip replacement surgery, prostheses (implants) are used to replace parts of the hip joint that are damaged.  The orthopaedic doctor replaces the old and damaged part of the hip with the new artificial part. The hip replacement surgery is done to get rid of the pain.


Knee Replacement Surgery:-

A knee replacement surgery is also known as arthroplasty. Knee replacement is a surgical procedure to restore the knee joint’s function by resurfacing the bones or replacing that with an artificial part. A knee replacement surgery is done to remove the worn bone ends and any remaining hard cartilage and replace them with metal and plastic components. After the knee replacement surgery, you can move your joint freely due to the plastic acting like hard cartilage. An artificial knee joint is made up of interlocking components that allow you to bend your knee while keeping it stable.


Shoulder Replacement Surgery:-

A shoulder replacement surgery, also called shoulder arthroplasty, involves removing portions of the shoulder's damaged joint and replacing them with artificial implants to relieve pain and restore mobility. The shoulder joint might need to be replaced if it is seriously damaged. A shoulder replacement surgery is done to remove a shoulder’s injured joint with an artificial component.


Ankle Replacement Surgery:-

An ankle replacement is done to get rid of the ankle joint pain. In this, the damaged part of the ankle is replaced with human-made parts. Joint replacement surgery for the ankle joint, or total ankle arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure performed on patients with ankle joint pain and inability to move their ankle. Ankle replacement surgery may be recommended if conservative treatments like medication and injections do not relieve ankle joint pain.


Elbow Replacement Surgery:-

Elbow replacement surgery is done to remove the defective part of the elbow joint and replace it with the new artificial part. Artificial joints are made from two implants that are attached to bones to replace the damaged joint. The surgeon will recommend elbow replacement surgery if non-surgical treatment fails to resolve the elbow pain.


Wrist Replacement: -

Wrist replacement can also be said as wrist arthroplasty. In wrist replacement, the damaged or defective part of the wrist can be replaced by the artificial part. Along with reducing or eliminating pain, wrist replacement surgery can improve mobility and allow you to resume the activities you once enjoyed.


Finger replacement:-

Finger replacement is used to cure the pain of the finger. The defective joint is getting replaced by an artificial part. In patients who suffer from arthritis in the fingers, artificial finger joint replacement is recommended. Among other treatment options, finger joint replacement may be considered if other options do not relieve the finger joint pain and disability.


Signs that it might be time for a Joint Replacement Surgery:

  • If you cannot complete your daily task without others help, it might be time to go for joint replacement surgery. Note: Nav Imperial Hospital offers the best joint replacement surgery in Jaipur.
  • If your knee stiffens up from sitting in a movie theatre or a car, you should go for knee replacement surgery.
  • You should go for joint replacement surgery if your test shows significant joint damage or advanced arthritis.
  • If non-surgical approaches cannot cure your joints pain, you should replace your joints with an artificial robotic joint.
  • You may go for knee replacement surgery if your knee is stiff or swollen.
  • If your doctor says that a less complicated surgical procedure may reduce your pain, you should go for joint replacement treatment.
  • If you cannot walk as usual as earlier, it might be the time for joint replacement surgery.

Pre-operative instructions for Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Your joint replacement surgeon will gather the necessary information about your health and check how much you get affected by joint pain to do your daily task.
  • The X-ray reports tell how much of your joint get damaged, so it is essential to get your X-ray reports before the joint replacement surgery.
  • Physical examination of your body to check the extent of damage in your joints.
  • Get all your documents and reports ready before the joint replacement surgery.
  • Before the joint replacement surgery, do a couple of exercises and be active.
  • Ask your orthopaedic doctor about the exercises you can perform before the surgery.

Post-operative instruction for Joint Replacement Surgery

  • You should go for the daily exercise for regaining and for the effective use of your replaced joint.
  • You should continue your walk.
  • Take timely rest.
  • Complete the medication provided to you.
  • Follow all the instruction given by your orthopaedic doctor to ensure the smooth functioning of your artificial joints.

The risk involved in Joint Replacement Surgery:-

  • You might have a wound infection.
  • You may have an infection around the prosthesis (artificial part).
  • The dislocation of the part of the Robotic joint replacement may trouble you.
  • You may face the malfunction of prosthesis because of the dislocation, loosening, or prosthesis breakage (artificial part).
  • You might face blood clotting.

Procedure for Joint Replacement Surgery

The first stage of your joint replacement surgery is collecting your general health information several weeks ago. It is done to assess your public health and measure the risk of anaesthesia during the surgical procedure.

Once the physical evolution is done, your reports and surgical clearance will be submitted to your orthopaedic doctor.

You may have to go for some pre-operative test, such as an x-ray, an electrocardiogram (EKG) or MRI.

Before the surgery, you may ask to take a proper bath.

On the day of your surgery, the anesthesiologist will discuss the type of anaesthesia used.

After the anaesthesia procedure, the further operation procedure will be conducted by the orthopaedic doctor. In this procedure, the orthopaedic doctor will replace your damaged joint part with an artificial part.

Do’s & Don’ts before the Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Take a proper bath a night before your joint replacement surgery.
  • Eat healthily and a balanced diet.
  • Take proper medication as given by your orthopaedic doctor.
  • Do not shave the area of the surgery.
  • Remove all your lipstick, nail paint from your body before the surgery.
  • Don’t eat anything after midnight, the night before your surgery.
  • Pack small begs of your essential that you bring to the hospital.

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Frequently asked questions about Joint Replacement Surgery

Answer:The level and type of usage will determine how much it lasts. An artificial joint can last for more than 15 years if it is used sensibly.
It depends on the surgery like for which joint you need surgery on. If it is for the knee then you have to stay at least 2 days and if it is of the wrist then you may need to stay for few hours.
The cost of Joint replacement surgery depends on the type of surgery you need and procedure followed during surgery. Patients who are already under medical observation given special treatment as per their medical condition.
Joint replacement operations can be safely performed on patients with these medical conditions. In order to have a successful surgery, it is necessary to successfully manage these conditions with medication.