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pediatric gastroenterology


The department of gastroenterology is one of the best and top gastroenterology hospitals in Rajasthan, India. We have a determinant & sincere team of gastroenterology surgeons who believe in offering treatment through medication as well as surgery. Gastroenterology deals in a wide spectrum including liver, stomach, gallbladder, esophagus, pancreas, small and large intestine. Individual facing gastrointestinal diseases or problems may face the mentioned symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Swallowing problem
  • Renal bleeding
  • Stomach pain
  • Weight loss
  • Joint pain
  • Iron deficiency


To treat gastrointestinal diseases or problems Nav Imperial Hospital consists of highly-advanced technology such as Endoscopies, endoscopic ultrasound, ERCP, EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection), PEG tube replacement (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy), and gall stone removal. Before performing any surgery gastroenterologist diagnosis the problem and checks blood pressure, heart rate and performs lab test, X-rays and simultaneously conduct other related procedures

pediatric gastroenterology hospital