Best ICU, Critical Care, 24X7 & Emergency Hospital in Jaipur

Intensive care/ Critical Care

The department of intensive care unit and critical care in hospitals are for patients who face serious illness and need life support. At Nav Imperial Hospital we offer you a world-class facility and treatment with a team of highly trained and skilled professionals and surgeons who are available 24/7 to render the best services in the hospital.

We deliver the utmost care to our patients suffering from life-threatening diseases like as critical trauma, kidney failure, heart attack or stroke, organ transplant, respiratory failure, other major surgeries.

The availability of 24/7 anaesthesia supports our experts and patient in painless, stress-free surgical experience to perform surgery effectively and efficiently. Our team of professionals takes all precautions while giving anaesthesia to patients so that hassle-free treatment can be conducted without any side effects. We provide special and round-the-clock care to all patients who need extensive care.

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