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Dietetics Department – Nav Imperial

Best Dietetics Consultation in Jaipur.

At Nav Imperial Hospital, the Dietetics Department strives to enhance the nutritional health and well-being of patients to make routine dietary recommendations more effective. The dietitian at the hospital is an expert and has years of experience in delivering smiles to patients' faces.

The nutritionists and dietitians of our hospital work closely with each department of the hospital such as Pediatrics, Neurology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease, Gastroenterology, Critical Care, and Pediatrics. Our dietitians provide nutritional and dietary support to patients at the hospital by evaluating, monitoring, and improving their nutritional status based on directions from doctors from the concerned departments. Dietitians also deliver their expert dietary and nutrition services to IPD & OPD departments. In post-operative recovery and diet-related complications, nutrition therapy plays an important role in promoting a healthy diet.

Nutritionists suggest that having healthy food habits, such as a balanced diet and nutrition-rich foods, can be beneficial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dietitians provide patients with the highest level of nutrition care for living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their optimum nutritional requirements. Our dietitian at Nav imperial hospital delivers the following dietary and nutrition services-

• Diet plan for Liver disease
• Diet plan for Kidney disease
• Diet plan for Cancer
• Diet plan for Thyroid
• Diet plan for Menopause
• Diet plan for Arthritis
• Diet plan for Post Covid
• Diet plan for Conceive
• Diet plan for Pregnancy
• Diet plan for Heart Disease
• Diet plan for Lactose Intolerance
• Diet plan for Coeliac Disease
• Diet plan for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Diet plan for Weight Gain
• Diet plan for Weight Loss
• Diet plan for Muscle Mass Gain
• Diet plan for Bride & Groom
• Diet plan for Sports Nutrition
• Diet plan for Constipation
• Diet plan for Diabetes
• Diet plan for Hypertension
• Diet plan for Severe Acidity
• Diet plan for Students
• Diet plan for Typhoid
• Diet plan for Dengue
• Diet plan for Jaundice
• Diet plan for PCOD/ PCOS
• Diet plan for Kids

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Dr. Priyanka Saini

Dr. Priyanka Saini

Bariatric Nutritionist, Dietitian