General surgery

_General surgery focuses on the abdominal parts of human body and treats ailments such as gallbladder, hernia, stone, piles, thyroid gland, fistula, liver, appendix, small intestine, large intestine cancer, bariatric surgery and many more. Nav imperial hospital specializes in providing adequate & best care to patients whereas, surgeries are performed with advanced equipments and techniques which results in minimal pain, minimal cuts while surgery.

general surgeon

_Dr. Mahesh Jangir M.B.B.S,M.S (General Surgeon) a selfless and one of the best surgeon with vast experience at nav imperial hospital ensuring advanced treatment with minimal pain, minimal cuts. He believes in providing cutting-edge service and care to patients to make them feel comfortable post-surgery.

Gallbladder Stone

_Gallbladder is a small balloon- shaped pouch underneath the liver that is right abdomen; it stores bile which comes from liver. Bile is a fluid which helps in digestion, gallbladder is filled with bile when we eat meal bile is produced into small intestine through small ducts and aid digestion process.

_ When something is wrong with gallbladder, symptoms occurs such as stomachache, weight loss, yellow skin, fever, tired, chest pain, back pain. To get rid of gallbladder problems such as stone in gallbladder also known as gallstone, non surgical treatment is used for cholesterol gallstones where doctor provide patients with medication to dissolve the stone.

_However, surgeries are considered most effective way or permanent remedy where gallbladder removal is performed through advanced surgeries such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, open cholecystectomy.


_Hernia commonly occurs in abdominal part, inguinal canal, and upper thigh of human body where an organ or tissues bulge out due to weakness in muscle wall, it creates layers on abdominal parts and causes stress on weaker parts due to burden on abdominal cavity which results in hernia.

_Ignoring hernia may injure your health more as it prevents blood supply which can cause medical emergency. Get your hernia treated today at Nav imperial hospital where our eminent & experienced team of general surgeons provides best hernia treatment with advanced technique.

_Generally, hernia's major causes are heavy weight lifting, smoking, chronic coughing, pregnancy (multiple pregnancies), heredity, obese (overweight), and aging. Most common symptoms of hernia one can experience is bulge or a lump and pain around the lump, facing problem while coughing, standing, bending down, chest pain, and swallowing.


_Piles are also known as a hemorrhoid which is a common ailment and can occur in any gender male or female and any age. Piles are caused due to pressure on lower rectum, when blood vessels around the anus and rectum faces pressure it causes swelling and form piles.

_There are two types of hemorrhoid or piles i.e. internal hemorrhoid and external hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoid is present inside the anus or rectum which is not visible but symptoms are visible like as bleeding through anus. External hemorrhoid is located at the outer edge of anal and causes pain and discomfort, sometimes develops a lump and blood clots.

_Our best general surgeon Dr. Mahesh Jangir has years of experience, he uses upfront techniques for the treatment of piles while maintaining patient's privacy. Avoiding open surgery, our experts use minimally invasive procedure for piles (MIPS) which is less painful and more effective and also termed as 'Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy'.

Anal Fistula

Fistula is a tunnel that connects from inside the anus, when fluid producing glands located in anus are blocked they cause anal cavity or infection by collecting fluid and bacterial tissues known as abscess. Anal fistula treatment is essential to stop anal infection otherwise it can grow and cause create hole inside the skin.

Anal Fistula Treatment

Nav imperial hospital offers you with best anal fistula treatment where expert surgeons treat the problem through surgical intervention with minimally invasive anal fistula and helps patients to get rid of anal pain with minimal amount of pain and fast recovery.