Nav Imperial Hospital is at the forefront in dealing and managing neurological disorders that is the central and peripheral nervous system. Our team of neurologists or neurosurgeons is highly-qualified and specialized in treating the trauma of spine and brain, brain tumors, spinal degenerative diseases, neurovascular disorder. We are one of the best neurology hospitals in Rajasthan, India where advanced equipment and technologies are used to treat patients with minimally invasive surgery like endoscopic surgery, microscopic surgery, brain tumor removal, disc replacement surgery, brain & spine surgery.

We are the best brain tumor center in Rajasthan, India offering a world-class facility with well-trained medical staff which consistently focuses on the well-being and comprehensive treatment of our patients by providing 24/7 services and diagnose timely to understand the status and improvement of the patient through conducting MRI & CT-Scan.

Neurology/Neurosurgery treatment