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NABH Accredited Hospitals in Jaipur

NABH accredited hospital NABH accredited hospital

What is NABH accredited hospital?

NABH stands for the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers. It is an autonomous body that operates under the Quality Council of India (Q.C.I.) to establish and operate an accreditation program for healthcare organizations in India.
NABH accreditation was launched in 2006 as a constituent of Quality Council of India (QCI) to providing high-quality healthcare services and patient safety.

Accreditation Board overview

Formed : - 2006
Headquarters : - New Delhi
Website : -

Why do Hospitals need NABH Accreditation?

NABH accreditation is crucial for hospitals as it demonstrates their adherence to stringent quality standards and patient-centric care. Here are some reasons why NABH accreditation for hospitals strives to achieve:

1. Improved Patient Safety:

NABH standards focus on ensuring patient safety by implementing robust protocols and procedures.

2. Quality of Care:

NABH accreditation emphasizes the delivery of quality care through evidence-based practices, clinical guidelines, and patient-centric processes.

3. Enhanced Organisational Efficiency:

NABH standards require hospitals to establish efficient systems and processes, including well-defined policies, clear roles and responsibilities, streamlined workflows, and effective communication channels.

4. Standardized Practices:

NABH accreditation promotes the adoption of standardized practices across different departments and functions of the hospital. It ensures that healthcare providers follow consistent protocols, resulting in improved coordination, reduced errors, and better patient outcomes.

5. Increased Trust and Reputation:

NABH accreditation is widely recognized as a symbol of quality healthcare. It enhances the hospital's reputation and instils confidence in patients, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders.

NABH Accredited Hospitals List Jaipur

For a comprehensive list of NABH hospitals in Jaipur, you can visit the official website of the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers and search for accredited hospitals in the Jaipur region.
Below is the list of NABH accredited hospitals in Jaipur, based on Quality of Care and Patient Safety.

• Aditya Hospital Jaipur
• Apex Hospitals Pvt. Ltd Jaipur
• Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Jaipur
• Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre Jaipur
• Gurukripa Hospital Sikar
• Escorts Fortis Hospital Jaipur
• Eternal Heart Care Center And Research Institute Jaipur
• Heart & General Hospital Jaipur
• Indowestern Brain & Spine Hospital Jaipur
• Indus Jaipur Hospital Jaipur
• Marudhar Hospital Jaipur
• Metro M.A.S. Heart Care & Multispeciality Hospital Jaipur
• National Institute Of Ayurveda Jaipur
• Rungta Hospital Jaipur
• S.R. Kalla Memorial Gastro & General Hospital Jaipur
• Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital Cum Medical Research In Jaipur
• Shalby Hospital Jaipur
• Soni Manipal Hospital Jaipur
• Neerja Hospital, Sikar, Rajasthan
• Metro M.A.S. Heart Care & Multispeciality Hospital Jaipur Rajasthan
• Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital Jaipur Rajasthan
• Krishna Heart & General Hospital Jaipur
• Jyoti Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd Jaipur
• Siddham E.N.T. Center Jaipur
• Centre For Sight Malviya Nagar Jaipur
• Sankara Eye Hospital Jaipur
• Riddhi Siddhi Eye Care Hospital Sikkar
• Maya Eye Hospital Jaipur
• Rajat Maternity and General Hospital Jaipur
• Jindal Eye Hospital Jaipur
• Ratan Netralaya Hospital Jaipur
• Neo Clinic Jaipur
• Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital Jaipur
• Kothari Eye Care Centre Jaipur
• Asian Superspeciality Hospital Jaipur

How is NABH implemented in hospitals?

Implementing NABH standards in hospitals requires a systematic approach involving various steps. Here is an overview of the implementation process:
Self-Assessment: The hospital management initiates the NABH implementation process by conducting a self-assessment against the NABH standards.

Preparation and Training: The hospital forms a dedicated team responsible for implementing NABH standards. The team members receive training on NABH requirements, documentation, and implementation strategies.

Documentation and Policy Development: The hospital prepares documentation, policies, and protocols based on NABH guidelines- GENERAL POLICIES

Implementation and Monitoring:The hospital implements the developed policies and processes across various departments. Regular monitoring and audits are conducted to ensure compliance with NABH standards.

Pre-assessment and Final Assessment: Once the hospital feels confident about its compliance with NABH standards, it can request a pre-assessment visit from NABH. The final assessment is conducted by NABH representatives to determine the hospital's eligibility for accreditation.

Accreditation Decision: After the final assessment, NABH evaluates the hospital's compliance with the standards. If all requirements are met, the hospital is granted NABH accreditation for a specific duration.

It is important to note that the NABH implementation process can vary depending on the size, complexity, and existing practices of the hospital. It requires strong leadership commitment, active involvement of staff, and continuous monitoring and improvement to maintain NABH accreditation.

How can you apply for NABH accreditation?

Hospitals interested in applying for NABH accreditation need to follow a structured process. Here are the general steps involved:

1. Familiarise Yourself: Gain a thorough understanding of NABH accreditation, its requirements, and the benefits it offers to hospitals on its official website that we mention above.
2. Assess Readiness: Conduct an internal assessment to evaluate your hospital's readiness for NABH accreditation. Identify any gaps or areas that require improvement to meet the NABH latest standard.
3. Contact NABH: Reach out to the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers to express your interest in obtaining NABH accreditation.
4. Application Submission: Complete the application forms provided by NABH and submit them along with the required documents.
5. Document Preparation: Prepare the necessary documents and evidence as per the NABH guidelines. This includes policies, protocols, S.O.P.s, quality manuals, patient feedback mechanisms, etc. (We have mentioned this below in detail!)
6. Pre-assessment Visit: After the initial document review, NABH may schedule a pre-assessment visit to assess your hospital's readiness for the final assessment.
7.Final Assessment: Once your hospital is deemed ready, NABH will schedule a final assessment visit. During this visit, NABH assessors will thoroughly evaluate your hospital's compliance with the NABH standards, review documents, and conduct interviews with staff.
8. Accreditation Decision: Based on the findings of the final assessment, NABH will make a decision regarding your hospital's accreditation. If all requirements are met, NABH will grant accreditation for a specified period.

What are the documents required for NABH accreditation?

The documentation requirements for NABH accreditation may vary depending on the size and scope of the hospital. However, here are some common documents that are typically required:
• Hospital Infrastructure Details
• Hospital Policies and Procedures
• Quality Management System Documents
• Clinical Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures
• Human Resource Management
• Patient Records and Consent Forms
• Equipment Calibration and Maintenance Records
• Incident Reporting and Analysis
• Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Feedback Mechanisms

These are some of the common documents required for NABH accreditation. It is important to refer to the specific guidelines and requirements provided by NABH while preparing the documentation for accreditation.

Is Nav Imperial accredited with NABH?

Nav Imperial is a leading orthopedic hospital in Jaipur with a team of highly experienced doctors. Nav Imperial registered with NABH as an entry-level in 2020 and the final registration has been done last year. Nav Imperial is known for their world-class medical facilities all over Rajasthan.