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Sports Injury: Types, Exercises, Prevention, and Treatment in Jaipur


Sports injuries meaning- as the name suggests, injury occurs during sports or exercise. While doing any sports activity or exercise, there might be a chance of injuries like sprains, tears, bruises and many other injuries. A sports injury happens because of following improper technique, lack of conditioning, sudden fall and more. One should do a warm-up before playing any sport or doing exercise. A warm-up increases blood flow in the muscles and thus reduces muscle soreness & lessens the risk of injury.

A sports injury can affect soft tissue like muscles, tendons, bursae & ligaments. A sports injury can be of many types that vary on the cause of injury.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is also known as ‘inflammation of a joint’ which cover bones, when two bones meet it becomes joints and inflammation of those bones causes arthritis. Arthritis consists of various types but the most common among them are osteoarthritis arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is associated with damage in cartilage that is a soft tissue between the joints which breaks down and causes osteoarthritis disease, on the other side rheumatoid arthritis is a autoimmune disease that means when immune system stops responding as it used to do earlier and it starts invading the joints and bones as if they are bacteria or enemy.

Who is at risk for a sports injury?

The following are the people at risk for sports injuries;

  • The person who is not active
  • The person who skip warm-up before exercise
  • The person who play contact sports
  • The person who wears improper sporting gear
  • The person who follows improper techniques during workouts.

Taking Care of Your Body is very important for a sports person

Even if you’re a sports person not, it is very important to take care of your body. Here are ways that can help you to prevent sports injuries. Follow the given tips to prevent sports injuries.

  • Do warm-up before playing any sports or doing exercise.
  • Wear the right gear
  • Do stretching exercises after playing sports as it increases flexibility.
  • Use the right & proper technique of work out
  • Do regular exercise to strengthen your muscle
  • Stay hydrated
  • Learn the right technique to play your sport
  • Avoid exercise or playing sports if tired
  • Take a healthy meal or diet
  • Don’t play while you are suffering from any pain as it increases the chances of injury

Sports Injuries Treatment

Treatment for sports injury depends on the factors such as how severe the injury is & the part of your body that is affected. The PRICE method is a common treatment regimen for sports injuries. It stands for:

  • P- Protection
  • R- Rest
  • I- Ice
  • C- Compression
  • E-Elevation

This method mostly opts for mild sports injuries. A sportsperson should follow this method within the first 24 to 36 hours. This method helps to reduce the pain & swelling & prevent additional bruising after injury.

There are also many medicines that give relief from the pain & swelling but it is recommended that you take the medicine only after the doctor’s advice.

If you have any severe injury, you should immediately consult the doctor to prevent further damage.

Here is the sign of severe injury in the joint; if you are facing any of these; it’s time to consult an orthopaedic doctor.

  • severe swelling and pain
  • visible bumps, lumps or other deformities
  • crunching or popping sounds when you use the joint
  • weakness or inability to put weight on the joint
  • instability

You should seek emergency attention if you are facing the following signs after injury-

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • fever

If the injury does not heal in two weeks that means you might be having a Serious sports injury and this injury requires physical therapy or surgery. Consult your doctor immediately to prevent further damages.

Sports Injury Treatment in Jaipur

Nav imperial hospital offers comprehensive treatment in all types of joint replacement surgeries, including knee, hip, ankle, etc. With advanced laparoscopic and laser treatment, we excel in providing painless surgeries. We also provide facilities to cure any kind of sports injury, whether muscle pain and joint dislocation.

Sports Injury Exercises

The following are the exercises that can give relief to the injured body part. Do these exercises to cure your injury.

  • Stretching
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Pilates exercises to develop and improve core strength
  • Plyometric exercises, such as jumping or bouncing
  • Resistance machine exercises with equipment
  • Free weight exercises with weights or dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Swiss gym ball
  • Foam roller exercise

Sports Injuries Prevention

Stretching exercise & warming us is the best way to prevent any sports injury. A warm-up helps to generate heat in the muscle and a warm muscle is more flexible than a cold muscle. The following are the tip to avoid sports injury

  • You should use the proper technique while doing work out or playing sports. Ask your trainer or coach for the right technique.
  • You should use proper sports equipment to prevent sports injury. Wear a knee pad or elbow protection to avoid injury.
  • Do not play any sports if suffering from pain as it may cause further injuries.
  • Take a healthy diet as a healthy body recovers sooner than an unhealthy body.
  • Take proper rest after playing any sports. Rest is very necessary for the body.
  • A regular habit of exercise can prevent you from major or serious injury.

Types of sports injuries

There are different types of sports injuries, and that is as follows

  • 1.Sprains- The sprain is caused by overstretching or tearing in the ligaments. The pieces of tissues that connect two bones are called ligaments.
  • 2.Strains- Overstretching or tearing tendons or muscles results in a sprain. Tendons are thick, fibrous cords of tissue that connect bone to muscle. Strains are commonly mistaken for sprains.
  • 3.Knee injuries- Any injury that causes damage to the knee is said to be a knee injury. the overstretching or tearing of the knee tissues results in a knee injury. The knee injury can be mild or severe.
  • 4.Swollen muscles- Swelling of muscle is widespread after any injury. Use an ice pack at the time of injury as they give relief to the muscles.
  • 5.Achilles tendon rupture- During sports, the tendon can break or rupture. The Achilles tendon is a powerful, thin tendon at the back of your ankle. You may feel difficulty in walking if you have this injury.
  • 6.Fractures- A bone fracture is very common in sports injuries. Breakage in any bone of the body is said to be a fracture.
  • 7.Dislocations injury- The dislocation of any bone in your body is called dislocation injury. A sports injury can dislocate the bone of the body. Dislocation can be painful and lead to swelling and weakness.