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Bone health is a vital aspect of your body since it gives it structure, secures organs, binds muscles, and stores calcium. You can make strides to secure bone during maturity while creating solid and sound bones during childhood and pre-adulthood. Our bones give us stability and allow us to move. They protect our brain, heart, and other organs from harm. Minerals like calcium and phosphorus are also stored in our bones, which help to maintain them strong and transfer them to the body when we need them for various tasks.

There are a lot of things we can do to keep our bones strong and healthy. We should eat Nutrients, Vitamin D and intake a good amount of calcium in our diet. If we don’t intake enough amount of nutrients and are not getting enough of the correct kind of activities then our bone can get frail and even get crushed which leads to fracture. Broken bones can be exceedingly painful, and in certain situations, medical intervention is required to recuperate. They have the potential to produce long-term health problems.


Why is Bone health important?

Our bones are constantly changeable, as one new bone is formed another bone damages. Your bones are constantly changing, with new bone being formed and old bone being separated. Our body generates new bone faster than it separates old bone when you're young, so your bone mass increases.
Around the age of 30, the vast majority of people reach their peak bone mass. The bone-rebuilding process continues after then, but you lose somewhat more bone mass than you gain. That’s why bone health is crucial.
However, if we do not properly maintain our bone health throughout our life, our bones can quickly deteriorate and debilitated as we get older. Ignoring our bone health also increases our risk of developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that causes our bones to become weak at a young age as a result of weak and permeable bones. It can cause a few broken bones, especially in the wrists, hips, and spine, as well as the complications that come with them.
For individuals, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for calcium is generally 600 milligrams (mg) a day. To absorb nutrients, the body needs vitamin D. Smooth (fish and sardines), egg yolks, and dairy milk are all good sources of vitamin D. Daylight also helps the body's production of Vitamin D. Bone health is a very important aspect of everyone's daily routine.

Important factors of bone health?

Factors that affect Bone health are as follows:-

  • Our Basic Activities:- People who are lazy tends to have a higher chance of osteoporosis than people who are active.
  • Usage of Tobacco & Liquor:- According to research, Tobacco usage contributes to bone problems. Similarly, drinking many beers on a regular basis increases the risk of bone loss, possibly because alcohol interferes with the body's ability to absorb calcium.
  • Calcium Intake in diet: -How much calcium do you get from your meal? Low bone thickness, early bone loss, and an increased risk of breaking are all effects of a low calcium intake. Your food has an impact on your bone health, so eat healthily and get enough nutrients.
  • Level of Hormones: - Thyroid hormone increased production can lead to bone damage. Because hormone levels decrease after menopause, bone loss increases dramatically in women. Low hormone levels in men can lead to a loss of bone mass.
  • Size of the body: - If you're extremely thin (a weight record of 19 or less) or have a small body contour, you're also a danger because you'll have less bone mass to draw from as you get older.
  • Gender:-If you are female then it is more dangerous to you because they have less bone tissue than men do have.

Ultimate Guide to How Can I Keep Bone Healthy


A well-balanced diet will help you develop strong bones at a young age and keep them strong throughout your life. To maintain your bones strong, you need enough calcium, as well as vitamin D to assist your body to absorb calcium.
Poor bone health can lead to illnesses like rickets and osteoporosis, as well as an increased chance of fracturing a bone later in life from a fall. A balanced diet should provide you with all of the nutrients you require for strong bones. A nutritious diet is just one of the building blocks for strong bones, which also include regular exercise and avoiding specific osteoporosis risk factors.

  • Intake of Plenty amount Calcium In your diet:An adult needs to intake calcium 700mg per day. There are a lot of good sources which includes calcium are:-Milk, Fish, Dairy foods, Cheese, Soyabeans, SoyaDrinks, Nuts, Bread, Spinach, Rice, Pulse, Fruits
  • Intake of Vitamin D:-Oily fish, such as salmon, trout, whitefish, and tuna, are good sources of vitamin D. Mushrooms, eggs, and fortified foods like milk and cereals are other excellent sources of vitamin D. Sunlight also aids in the creation of vitamin D in the body. Ask a doctor about vitamin D pills if you're concerned about obtaining enough.
  • Keep Exercise on a daily routine: - Doing physical activity on regular basis keeps your body fit & active. It is profitable for your bone health.
  • No consumption of Drugs and Alcohol:--Avoid taking drugs and alcohol on regular basis. It damages your bone health. If you are a woman avoid doing smoking.

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