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10+1 Tips to Avoid Knee Pain & Injuries

Tips to Avoid Knee Pain & Injuries

Knee pain is a common issue, especially for people of old age. Pain in the knee can be moderate to severe. Over time, our knees endure a lot of wear & tear as we fight against gravity to move and walk.

The knee pain can be caused either by repetitive motions that stress the knee or from injuries.

A knee injury can be caused by improper training, having osteoporosis, and playing high-impact sports that involve sudden changes in directions.

A knee joint is one of the most important parts of our body as a knee allows the lower leg to move, which helps us walk. So it is necessary to prevent a knee from injuries as we cannot walk with an injured knee.

Dr Sachin Gupta the renowned knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur says that the best knee injury prevention starts with becoming familiar with your own body and learning the right way to do the exercise correctly to prevent knee replacement.

“Being able to walk pain-free is a blessing,” so here are some tips to avoid knee pain or injuries.

1.Maintain body weight

You should maintain proper body weight as obesity causes several diseases. An inappropriate body weight increases stress on the knee and causes knee injury. So it is important to maintain appropriate body weight for your healthy knees.

2.Do warm-up before exercise

Warm-up before exercise is necessary as it helps to stretch your muscles that reduce the direct burden on your knee. If you stretch muscle back & front of your thigh, then it reduces tension on your tendons. That’s why warm-up before exercise is crucial for your healthy knees.

3.Do wear sensible shoe

If you are concerned about your knees, wear sensible shoes to help you maintain proper balance and leg alignment that will prevent you from knee injuries.

4.Do walk regularly

For fit and healthy bones you should go for a walk daily. Regular walking helps you to prevent knee pain and make your bones stronger than before.

5.Take proper medication

Always take proper medication prescribed by your doctors. Do not skip any medicine as it may cause further knee pain.

6.Do low-impact exercise

If you exercise at the gym, you should opt for cross country skiing or rowing machine as it offers an intense workout with low impact exercise. A low-impact exercise reduces the burden on the knee, and that will prevent you from a knee injury.

7.Do consider physical therapy

If you are already suffering from knee pain, you must consult a physical therapist that can assist you in setting up an appropriate exercise regime. Physical therapy can reduce knee pain.

8. Weight train

Strengthen your leg muscle to better support your knees and avoid knee injuries by working out with weights. A proper weight is very necessary as obesity may cause many other diseases.

9.Wear knee guards

Do wear knee guards that will protect you from a knee injury. Several things can cause a knee injury, and a knee guard can protect you from the same.

10.Sit on the chair

If you are having knee pain, then do not sit on the floor as it may cause severe injury and pain to your knee. Sit on the chair to prevent knee injury.

11.Engage in physical activity

Do outdoor play games and engage in other physical activities as it will stretch your muscles of the body and prevent you from suffering knee pain.

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Do's and Don'ts to prevent a knee injury

The following are the do’s and don’ts to prevent knee injuries


  • Do regular exercises.
  • Do consider acupuncture
  • Don’t be shy to use a walking aid
  • Do wear comfortable shoes
  • Do regular activities
  • Do regular walk
  • Do take proper rest if the pain in the knee
  • Always keep stretching
  • Do regular take medication prescribe by your doctor


  • Don’t take too much rest
  • Don’t use the elevator (use only if suffering from severe knee pain)
  • Don’t eat unhealthy food as it causes obesity
  • Don’t skip your daily medicine.
  • Don’t risk a fall
  • Don’t skip walking aid (if you regularly use it)
  • Don’t sit on the floor
  • Don’t stop your regular walking