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Tips to Keep Knees Healthy and Strong

tips to keep knee healthy

The knee is one of the body's biggest and most complicated joints. If a knee gets injured or damaged it will affect daily life and can lead to many other health complications so it is better to keep your knee healthy and strong. If you are wondering how to keep your knees healthy and strong then don’t worry, we are here with a complete guide to keep your knee strong.
Read on to know common knee injuries and problems as well as ways to keep knees healthy and strong.

Common knee injuries or problems with age

Many problems of the knee are caused by ageing and the constant wear and tear of the joint of the knee such as arthritis. Other knee disorders are caused by an accident or a rapid action that stresses the knee. The following are some of the most common knee problems:

• Strained or Sprained Knee ligaments and muscles

Strained knee ligaments or muscles are most often caused by a sudden jump to the knee or an abrupt twist of the knee. Pain, swelling, and trouble walking are common symptoms.

• Torn cartilage

A knee injury might tear the menisci, the connective tissue pads which act as absorbers of shock. Sprains are often associated with cartilage tears. Wearing a brace in an activity to preserve the knee from additional injuries may be part of the treatment. To heal the rip, surgery may be required.

• Tendonitis

Tendon inflammation may occur as a consequence of overuse of a tendon during activities such as jumping, running, or cycling. Jumper's knee is caused by patellar tendonitis. This is common in sports like basketball, where the impact of landing on the ground after a jump strains the tendon.

• Arthritis

The most prevalent kind of arthritis that affects the knee is osteoarthritis. It is a process of degeneration in the cartilage joint that wears away progressively. It mostly affects persons in their forties and fifties. It might be caused by excessive joint stress, such as frequent injury or being overweight.
Rheumatoid arthritis may also damage the knees by inflaming the joint and damaging the knee cartilage. It often affects people at a younger age than osteoarthritis.

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Tips to keep your knees healthy

No matter what your age is, you can safeguard your knees' health by following certain lifestyle behaviours. However; before beginning a new fitness plan, consult an expert doctor to know how to keep your knees healthy and strong.

Strengthen your upper and lower leg muscles

Make a habit of daily exercise and stretching. Exercises that target your hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus muscles, hip flexors, and psoas should be prioritised. Daily exercise will make keep your knees healthy and strong and keep you away from many other health issues.

Stretch those same leg muscles

In order to accommodate your whole range of motion, include yoga in your stretching regimen. Daily Yoga will definitely add strength to your knees and also keep you healthy physically as well as mentally.

Maintain a recommended weight

Extra weight puts an excessive strain on the knees. A ten-pound weight drop can even make a significant effect. Keep an eye on your weight and take a healthy diet to maintain the proper body weight.

Select exercises of low-impact

To safeguard your knee cartilage, cardiovascular sports such as cycling on a correctly equipped bike and swimming may help maintain the health of knee cartilage and avoid future injury.

Consult a good doctor

For a swelling knee, call your doctor straight away. It might be an indication of damaged cartilage. Be careful while participating in activities that demand you to start, halt, or pivot suddenly, such as basketball or football.

Stay active every day

Physical exercise helps minimise stiffness and muscle atrophy and may protect your knees from damage. Being lazy the whole day can have adverse effects on your health. It’s better to stay active and fit.

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As of now, you know; a lot of knee-related disorders occur as a result of ageing and continual tension and strain on knee joints, which is also called arthritis. Other knee disorders are linked to exerting too much stress on the knee or overloading it beyond its capacity.
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