Knee Replacement Surgery- Top 10 Myths and Facts

Know About the Top 10 Myths & Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

Top 10 Myths & Facts About Knee Replacement Surgery

Although 90% of the people suffer from knee injuries and knee pain issues. Some of them get the basic treatment through medications and exercises & some of them might need knee replacement surgery to get rid of knee pain.
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There are many myths about knee replacement surgery, if you are the one who might believe in some of the myths regarding that then you are at the right place. We have the top 10 myths & facts about knee replacement surgery. Let us help you to know the facts.

Myth 1: Knee replacement surgery has a very low success rate.

Fact: Knee replacement surgery is a good option for worn-out or injured knees. This surgical technique is the greatest alternative for patients who are unable to do basic daily activities due to significant knee pain.

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Patients who have had this surgery may continue their regular lives without pain or discomfort. According to research, 95% of people recover effectively following knee replacement surgery.

Myth 2: Knee replacement surgery should be avoided if feasible.

Fact:If your orthopedic doctor recommended the surgery then you must think of it. If the pain could go from medication or any other method then you can choose that.

Myth 3: Sitting on the floor or bending the knee is difficult even after knee replacement.

Fact: It is a general misconception that bending the knee after a replacement is difficult, however, this is not true. It is dependent on the quality of the knee operation, the prosthesis utilized, and the patient's postoperative recovery.
Many prostheses provide motions similar to those of a normal joint. Regular exercises & physiotherapy would help you to get better soon after the surgery.

Myth 4: If the treatment fails or the knee implant malfunctions, there is no possibility of repair.

Fact: If your first surgery fails for whatever reason, your doctor may do revision surgery. This is done after examining your overall health and the reasons why the initial operation failed.

Myth 5: You cannot drive after getting a knee replacement.

Fact: It is a misconception that you can’t drive after knee surgery. You can drive after 6-7 weeks of surgery. Most individuals start driving 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.

Myth 6: Knee replacement surgery has a maximum lifespan of 10 years.

Fact: The fact is that knee replacement lasts a lifetime, contrary to popular belief. This is due to the better level and more complex procedures used in the operation. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep your knees healthy.

Myth 7: Knee replacement surgery is not available to seniors.

Fact: Age is not a factor in knee replacement surgery. Even at the age of 75, you may undergo knee replacement surgery since cartilage starts to deteriorate at this age. All that is required is the patient's clinical fitness and the agreement of the orthopedic or knee surgeon.

Myth 8: Recovery after knee replacement surgery might take months.

Fact: Every patient's recovery period after knee replacement surgery is different and is determined by their health state, the quality of the treatment, and the aftercare offered. Some people heal fast following knee replacement surgery and can gradually return to their normal habits within a few weeks.

Myth 9: It is not feasible to have both knees replaced at the same time.

Fact: Your orthopedic surgeon will examine if you are physically capable of having both knees replaced at the same time. However, having both knees operated on at the same time has significant advantages.

Myth 10: The implant used during knee replacement surgery is rejected since it is a foreign body.

Fact: To replace the knee, artificial joints composed of rare metals are inserted into the body. These metals are inert and do not affect the body's tissues. These joints are not harmful to our bodies and may be left in place permanently.
After most knee replacement surgery myths were proven above, you should now recognize that getting a knee replacement is a good decision. Delay and unnecessary waiting for surgery are not smart decisions.

Knee replacement surgery is a good choice for treating knee problems. However, just like any other technique, this surgery has benefits and disadvantages. If you have any questions regarding the operation, talk to the best knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, and get the best knee pain treatment.