Why choose Nav Imperial Hospital for Orthopedic treatment



Why NAV Imperial Hospital is the best Orthopedic and Joint replacement hospital in Jaipur


NAV Imperial Hospital is the best orthopedic hospital in Jaipur. It is the best orthopedic Hospital in Jaipur & State of Art infrastructure specialty center for Joint Replacements and orthopedics. At NAV Imperial, we have the best orthopedic surgeon/ doctors to deliver the finest treatment to the patients. From convenience to care coordination to our top-notch orthopedic surgeons and doctors, we bring the best therapy services, pain management, and orthopedic together. Here are the features that make us the best orthopedic hospital in Jaipur.

Team of the best Surgeons in Jaipur

We have the best team of orthopedic surgeons who deliver successful treatment to the patients. Our orthopedic surgeons have a vast knowledge of their field and are very dedicated to providing the best treatment.

Dr. Sachin Gupta (M.S.(Ortho, M.B.B.S.), F.I.A.A.S (USA), F.I.A.S (Ahmadabad)) is one of the highly qualified and the best-known Knee, Hip, Spine, and best Joint Replacement doctors in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Qualities Our Orthopedic Surgeon Possess

Our orthopedic surgeons possess the best qualities that any orthopedic surgeon should have. Here are the excellent qualities that describe our orthopedic surgeons.


Orthopedic surgeons will be required to make tough calls in high-pressure situations. However, our surgeons possess the quality of courage to make the right decision in challenging situations also. They try their best to make the right decision during the treatment.


Patients value orthopedic doctors who are kind and treat their patients with respect. Our healthcare professionals are very down to earth and listen very calmly to the patient's problem. Anyone can share their issues with our surgeon and get the right advice.

Mechanical Skill

Every orthopedic surgeon should have good mechanical skills. Our orthopedic doctors have hand coordination and dexterity down to an art. They use their skill to the fullest to deliver the best treatment.


Our orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to their job and have no problem working long hours at the drop of a hat.


Our orthopedic surgeon considers every possible way to treat a patient while simultaneously remaining realistic about outcomes. They do not advise everybody to go for complex surgery. Instead, they diagnose the root cause and then suggest that the patient should require surgery or not.

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Complete treatment

At NAV Imperial Hospital, any patient can have complete treatment under one roof. In addition, we offer a 360-degree treatment for any joint replacements. We deliver complete facilities to our patients under one roof, and that saves their time and money. In addition, radiology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and many other services are offered at our hospital.

Use of advanced technology

We have a fully Automated Laboratory, Digital X-ray, MRI & High-Speed CT Scan facility round the clock. With the use of advanced technology, we aim to deliver the best healthcare services to our patients.

Best physiotherapy services

At NAV Imperial hospital, we offer the best physiotherapy services to our patients. We have an expert and experienced team of physiotherapists. Our physiotherapists are specialized in pain management techniques. They use this technique to reduce post-operative pain and give a pain-free life to the patients.

24*7 Medical facility

We offer 24*7 healthcare facilities to our patients. Our orthopedic doctors are always ready to serve the best services at any time.

Painless surgery

We come up with the best and advanced laparoscopic and laser treatment for our joint replacement sufferers. With the use of laparoscopic and laser treatment, we focus on delivering painless surgeries to our patients. Our expert team is trained & experienced in all non-experimental pain management procedures.

Ambulance services

We also deliver 24*7 ambulance services in any emergency. The healthcare professionals in our ambulance are well trained and experienced.

Treatment in Affordable cost

We at Nav Imperial Hospital offer complete orthopedic treatment at an affordable cost. Anyone can afford treatment at NAV.