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Best Knee Replacement Treatment in Jaipur.

As the incidence of knee wear and injury increases, so does the need for knee replacement surgery. However, thanks to hospitals like Nav Imperial Hospital & Research Centre and physicians like Sachin Gupta, knee replacement surgeries are now a breeze. Knee replacement surgery in Jaipur is getting more sophisticated and providing great results.

What is Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement, commonly known as knee arthroplasty or complete knee replacement, is a surgical operation designed to resurface an arthritic knee. In addition to the kneecap, metal and plastic components are utilised to cap the ends of the bones that comprise the knee joint. This procedure may be recommended for patients with severe arthritis or knee injuries. As one of the top orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeons, Dr Sachin Gupta employs cutting-edge treatments to assist patients in managing orthopaedic ailments and knee-related issues. In addition, individuals with musculoskeletal and joint disorders or injuries receive quality care.

Why is Dr Sachin Gupta the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur?

Dr Sachin Gupta, M.B.B.S., M.S, M. Ch. (USA), F.I.A.S (PUNE), F.J.R.S (AHEMADABAD), is a Senior Knee Replacement Surgeon and Director of Nav Imperial Hospital & Research Centre. His centre specialises in Joint Replacements, joint reconstruction, and Sports injury operations.
In 2002, Dr Sachin Gupta completed his Medical Degree and Postgraduate Degree [MS, Orthopaedic] from RNT Medical College. He has worked extensively in the disciplines of Joint and Spine Surgery since completing his postgraduate studies. He completed his fellowships in Joint and Spine Surgery at the JM Hospital in Ahmadabad and Knee Replacement at the Sancheti Institute in Pune. From 2005 until 2010, he worked at SK Soni Hospital in Jaipur as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and head of the sports injury section. His competence in knee replacement, hip replacement, and joint replacement surgery has earned him many honours and international recognition. As a delegate and faculty member, he has attended several international and national conferences, meetings, and seminars. He is also involved in several clinical trials and international studies.

He is known for using the most advanced techniques for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur. Dr Sachin Gupta is a pioneer in HIGHLY ADVANCED KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY ON A 3-D PLATFORM. This 3D technique reduces surgical time and improves surgical precision.
With nearly two decades of expertise, he has performed more than 6000 Knee replacement surgeries. Dr Sachin Gupta's procedures have had a high success rate and 100% client satisfaction. In addition, he employs a team of well-trained Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, and other paramedics that give patients the highest quality treatment and care and believe in the principle of “Preservation” i.e. surgery should only be performed when it is truly recommended or necessary.
That is why, he is one of the most well-known Knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur, Rajasthan and his direction Nav Imperial Hospital and Research Centre in Jaipur's Shastri Nagar, has become Rajasthan's premier Orthopaedic and knee Replacement clinic.

Specialisation of Dr Sachin Gupta:-

• 20 +Years of Extensive Experience with National and International Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy Institutes.
• He played a major role in initiating joint replacement procedures in Rajasthan, demonstrating the greatest Knee replacement surgery growth rate in Jaipur.
• 6000 + successful knee replacement surgeries.
• Dr Sachin Gupta has managed to retain100%Patient satisfaction.

What is the cost of Knee Replacement Treatment?

The cost of knee replacement in India roughly ranges from Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 3,80,000, based on a variety of variables, such as the price of the knee implant, the hospital's costs, the surgeon's fee, his or her level of experience, and the surgical technique employed.

All Knee Replacement Treatments at one Roof

Knee Replacement: Types and Treatment

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee

The vast majority of knee arthroplasties, known as complete knee replacements, target the whole knee joint. A complete knee replacement treats all three areas: inside (medial), outside (lateral), and underneath the kneecap (patellofemoral/anterior).

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Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee

The partial method corrects a single segment. Thus, healthcare professionals refer to it as a unicompartmental replacement. Partial knee replacement is often beneficial for only younger persons with problems in one knee region.

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Knee Resurfacing

Knee Resurfacing

If the patient has osteoarthritis in the inner, upper, or outer compartments of your knee, you may be eligible for knee resurfacing surgery. Typically, this option becomes available when non-surgical therapy or drugs are ineffective.

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Our Knee Replacement Specialist

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Dr. Sachin Gupta

Dr. Sachin Gupta

MBBS, MS(Ortho), FIAAS (USA), FIAS (Ahmedabad)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Knee Replacement Surgery

This varies from patient to patient based on the specifics of each case. In general, though, you might anticipate 3 to 4 weeks of formal physical therapy.
The cost ranges from Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 3,80,000, based on a variety of variables, such as the price of the knee implant, the hospital's costs, the surgeon's fee, and his or her level of experience, and the surgical technique employed.
Within six weeks of knee replacement surgery, the majority of the patients can walk without crutches or a walker.
It is typical for there to be a modest degree of pain and stiffness during the healing process. Call your doctor if you experience acute discomfort following knee replacement surgery. There may be issues that necessitate extra therapy.